Save the Earth Campaign!

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Task: You work for a large Fortune 500 Company that has decided that it needs to do some pro bono, done or donated without charge, work. They are asking that all employees submit a persuasive essay about a ‘go green’ topic. Next, groups will be formed and a few selected essays will be further developed into a broader marketing plan that includes promotional materials such as: a brochure, advertisement , public service announcement (PSA), and a webpage.

Web Page Must Contain:

  1. Title
  2. Images
  3. Arguments supporting your 'go green' topic.
  4. All supporting materials such as: essay, public service announcement, brochure, advertisement, letter to the editor, and postcard.
  5. Must include at least three links to supporting resources.
  6. Bibliography


Ride Your Bicycle
Conserving Water
Maintaining Your Car
Going Digital
Reducing and Reusing
Stop Littering
Stop Ocean Pollution
Swapping With Your Friends
Say NO to Plastic Bags