Stop Ocean Pollution!

It's Your Trash, Your Beach, Keep It Clean!

Save Our Marine Life
animals.jpgsharks.jpgOur animals in the water are suffering because of the choices that we make.

Everytime we pollute the earth we put our marine life in danger.
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Plastic bottle.jpg
Just one bottle can be the start of a problem. This is the beginning of ocean pollution. This is a bigger deal then what we make it as.

It's up to us to help our animals . We don't want them to suffer any longer. So get up and go help fight Ocean Pollution and save the Marine Life

Save the Fresh Water
We need to do what we can to save our animals and our world!

Stop global warming!
It's our job to protect our earth and STOP global warming!

This can and will help save our earth!!!!

We need to help save our earth, our marine life, and our oceans. We are the reason why the earth and it's resources are in danger. We need to clean up after ourselves and keep our oceans clean. Ocean Pollution is just as bad as global warming and they are both happening right in front of our eye's. What are we doing about it? NOTHING!!!!!

Public Service Announcement

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Save Our Marine Life
Stop Ocean Pollution
Stop Global Warming

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