Don't Cover the Earth in Litter!
Let's all help out to clean the community.

Don't Put Earth in the Trash!
ocean trash.jpgturtle-eating-plastic.jpgduck.jpg
The animals suffocate from the litter that is washed down into the ocean.
Their habitats are polluted and chokes them when they're swimming.

Doggy Doo-Doo!!!

Have you ever stepped in something brown, mushy, and stinky? The answer is poop!
Don't blame the dogs, blame the human who refused to pick it up.
trash doodoo.jpg
Dog Poop can travel to the sewers ending up in the ocean. .

Your Killing Yourself and the Environment!

Litter clean up in the United States cost $11.5 billion each year. It cost a huge sums of money for litter clean up every year.

If it takes 5 years for some cigarettes to break down, imagine how many years for 1 billion pieces of cigarette litter to break down.
To pick up cigarette litter cost the same amount as education and health care. The health care the helps people with lung cancer.
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Cigarette Litter- IMPACTS
Keeping America Beautiful
Don't Litter


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