Maintaining Cars

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Maintain your car to assure your future!

Clean Out Your Trunk:
Cleaning out your trunk is a vital part of maintaining your car.

When there is less weight in your car, your engine works less.

As you can guess, when an engine works less, you burn less gas, and lower your carbon monoxide output.

As a plus, using less gas means saving money.
Clean Your Air Filters:
The air you're breathing may not be as clean as you think.

If your air filter is dirty, it could affect your car in a major way.

If your air filter is dirty, then it is most likely obstructing air flow.

This blockage makes it so that the fan motor works harder.

As the motor works harder, the engine burns more gas.
Pump your tires!
Pumping your tires will save you lots of money and gas.

If you're tires are low on air pressure, they are more likely to pop.

If they pop, you have to buy a new tire, wasting money, and you add onto the unneeded wastes in the world.

If you drive with a tire with low air pressure then your engine will work quite a bit.

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