Going Digital!

If you cut a tree, you cut your life. GO DIGITAL!

When you go digital you save billions of beautiful trees around the
If one million people go digital today that weren't digital
yesterday, loads of trees will be saved. The exact amount of trees depends on how digital they go, but every single tree saved has a positive impact on our precious Earth!
Six billion trees get cut down each year for paper that we don't even have to use; in fact, in the U.S., we use approximately 68 million trees
each year to produce 17 billion catalogs and 65 billion pieces of direct mail.
In addition, there are more ways to go digital and save paper!
These are a beautiful part of mother nature. Do you really want to cut them down?
Do you want this beutiful tree to get cut dowwn?

Emissions and gas are bad right? Well they are because it is like global warming and pollution. When people think of that they think the world will be destroyed. They are correct.This can be stopped by yet another way to go digital.
If trees actually help filter pollutants we shouldn't destroy them we should save them! 40% 0f Earth's deaths are caused by this threat. Do you want to become one of its next victims. Also, these emissions can cause brain damage, like bringing down IQ levels and more. People just need to stop using paper and start using digital items then they can save many lives of both human and animal, but don't stop yet, there is one more problem to fix!
The last problem we want to point out is that people are over using paper due to packaging all of the non digital items. Guess what this can all be stopped by going digital.
Packaging is used for many things such as show boxes, cereal boxes, video game cases, and more. Many people want these items so they are going to keep wasting paper to please the people and make more money.
Around 50% of all packaging items are used from paper. So if you are a packaging officer and like to make packaging material out of paper, the trees will not be around forever so what will you do then? Well you should just go digital now rather than figure out what to do then.

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